Charlie’s Angels: Kristen Stewart, Lupita Nyong’o Up for Reboot

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Sony reportedly wants Twilight’s Kristen Stewart and Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o to star in its upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot. Stewart and Lyong’o would play members of the female private detective agency if cast. However, according to Variety Sony is also considering other big stars for the lead roles. Charlie’s Angels will be read more

Meryl Streep Makes Harvey Weinstein Statement

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Just days after The New York Times published a story exposing nearly three decades of sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood film titan, he was officially let go from the company he co-founded on Sunday. Many of Hollywood’s stars have started to speak about the controversy including Meryl Streep who read more

Matt Damon Stars In ‘Downsizing’

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Matt Damon stars in upcoming Alexander Payne comedy “Downsizing.” The film explores a world in which scientists have figured out a way to shrink human beings to a fraction of their former size. A miniaturized populace might save the earth from extinction, but if we’ve learned anything from science fiction, it’s read more