Next Iron Chef

Season 2 Premiere Review of The Next Iron Chef

Food, Reality - 9 years ago by Reg Seeton

After spending more time with a variety of new and returning Food Network shows over the past few months, I came to appreciate how there’s something extra special about The Next Iron Chef that puts the series on a higher level than other weekly culinary competitions. Not only is The read more

Star Wars The Clone Wars

4 Things to Expect from The Clone Wars TV Show (and 3 Things Not To)

Sci-fi - 10 years ago by Tom Burns

Who knew, back in 1977, when Luke Skywalker casually asked Ben Kenobi “You fought in the Clone Wars?” that such an innocent, off-hand question would spin-off into one of the biggest multimedia franchises in fanboy history? Yes, George Lucas’ Star Wars: A New Hope did spawn arguably THE biggest franchise read more

V Remake

“V” Remake Aiming for Theaters, Plus Sequels

Sci-fi - 11 years ago by Reg Seeton

If you were a big fan of the 80s sci-fi mini-series and TV series V, hold on to your alien hats; we’ve got some awesome news coming your way. After several years of trying to bring the once popular sci-fi series V back to the small-screen as a TV movie read more

Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett talking to bands for Rock Star 3

Music, Reality - 11 years ago by Reg Seeton

If you’re a fan of the Mark Burnett produced reality hits Rock Star INXS and Rock Star Supernova, we have good news. On Friday, February 8, The Deadbolt took part in a conference call with reality producer extraordinaire Mark Burnett and comedian/show host Dennis Miller to promote NBC’s upcoming original read more

South Park Scientology

“South Park” Battles Scientology, Tom Cruise

Animated - 13 years ago by Steve Taylor

With the departure of Isaac Hayes from the hit Comedy Central series, South Park, it seemed fairly obvious that South Park and Scientology were destined to be at odds. In fact, South Park has initially put Scientology in its cross-hairs with the episode , “Trapped In the Closet”, which mocked read more